QWOC+ Boston is a group that promotes diversity by creating and sustaining safe spaces for LGBT people of color in the Greater Boston area.
Posted By QWOC+ Boston on April 19th, 2012

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Discussion on Femininity within Queer/Trans Communities of Color

Posted By QWOC+ Boston on January 9th, 2011

A Discussion on Femininity within Queer/Trans Communities of Color

Please Note: EVERYONE is welcome to attend this discussion. However, we will be focusing on masculinity and femininity within people of color communities, which means that non-POC (on either side of the gender spectrum) are allies in this space.

WHAT Given the phenomenal success of our masculinity discussion, QWOC+ Boston will be facilitating another discussion to understand and challenge our ideas of femininity within QPOC communities.

WHO We welcome participants from all parts of the gender spectrum to join the conversation and share your experience(s) with masculinity and femininity, whether as trans men and women, femmes, studs, bois, gay boys, in-betweeners, all or none of the above. Together we can work to understand and move towards transforming these ideas within ourselves and within our communities.

HOW The summit will consist of three parts and will be held in workshop format. We will open as a larger group then break into smaller affinity groups (along the axes of gender presentation) in order to build a deeper understanding of normative concepts of femininity within our communities. We will reconvene for the second part to discuss our ideas. And finally, we will break into smaller (non-affinity) groups to brainstorm various strategies/approaches to breaking down walls and transforming our communities.

WHY Our aim is to highlight and redefine perceptions of both femininity (and masculinity as they are both related), specifically within communities of color, while working to understand our personal identity in relation to the messages we receive from society about gender.

*We recommend that you register to reserve your spot ASAP as we can accommodate no more than 50 participants. For questions or inquiries, please email qwoctalk@qwocboston.org.

Register for Discussion on Femininity within Queer/Trans Communities of Color


Questions We Will Be Exploring — Jump into the Conversation!

  • What are some of the negative perceptions of femininity?
  • What are some of the positive perceptions of femininity?
  • What drawbacks are there to identifying as “Femme”?
  • What privileges are associated with “Femme” identity?
  • What does femininity look like in your culture and/or community?
  • What ideas, people, or concepts have shaped YOUR perception (identification) with femininity?

We encourage you to get the conversation started — especially if you won’t be joining us on Saturday — by chiming in below!

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