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Posted By QWOC+ Boston on April 19th, 2012

Submit! Nearly There is a zine project meant to address the serious absence and silencing of stories about the experiences of queer people of color.


Fall Programs at Black Women’s Health Institute – Sister Healthy Eating (SHE) Network!

Posted By QWOC+ Boston on September 30th, 2009

Join BBWHI  and participate in one of our nutrition and weight management programs.
NEW WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP   – The Sisters Healthy Eating (S.H.E.) Network is a Sister Circle  to support you to reach your goal weight. Do you need someone to help you establish accountability?  Do you need someone to coach and support you with your workouts and eating plans.This program is for you if you have participated in a traditional weight loss programs or Slim Down Sisters, Roxbury Weigh-In and still need something else to help you get there.  SHE Network offers individual and group support.
S.H.E. will offer:
A Network of Sisters working on common goals
30 minute group exercise before each session
Individualized Diet Assessment
Individualized Meal and Fitness Plan
One-on-One with Personal Trainer
Nutrition Education- Getting to the Roots!
How to eat from the food pyramid- deconstructing  food groups until we get  it.
How many carbs should I eat any way?  I just don’t get the counting carbs thing! 
What’s a complex carbohydrate? 
Am I going to be hungry eating those portions?  Is that enough food- I’m a big girl!
Learning how to eat without  yo-yo dieting
Please see attached flyers for details
Slim Down Sisters is a 12 week nutrition and weight management program supports members to eat healthily, manage weight, exercise regularly and reduce chronic disease risk factors!  

As a member you will:
Set and Accomplish Wellness Goals
Learn to Plan, Shop and Prepare Healthy Meals
Discover Journal Writing for Insight & Inspiration 
Investigate Mind, Body and Spirit Connection
Participate in a Confidential & Supportive Environment
Full Access to Body By Brandy Fitness Center
To register for these programs please contact: Boston Black Women’s Health Institute: bbwhi@bbwhi.org   
Phone: 617-427-2002    FAX: 617-427-5252

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