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Posted By QWOC+ Boston on April 19th, 2012

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Call to Action: Volunteer Drive and Community Organizing Fair Hosted by Mayor Denise Simmons

Posted By QWOC+ Boston on July 23rd, 2009
Thursday August 6th at 6PM
Call to Action: a Volunteer Drive and Community Organizing Fair
Hosted by Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons
Summer Networking Social to Follow
Co-sponsored by Union of Minority Neighborhoods and The Progressive Project
CLUB CAFE 209 Columbus Ave Boston MA 02116
Cost: FREE
During our second annual multicultural pride festival, QWOC Week, QWOC+ Boston will be collaborating with The Progressive Project (TPP) and the Union of Minority Neighbourhoods (UMN) to host “Call to Action: a Community Organizing Fair with Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons.”

The Why

Call to Action’s main goal is to increase visibility for local non-profits and grassroots organizations and simultaneously get the LGBT community of color to plug into these organizations through volunteering and/or community-wide initiatives. Based on the missions of the selected organizations (that mainly target/provide services for people of color) and QWOC+ Boston’s goal of building bridges, we believe that this event will be an excellent opportunity for both the local LGBT community of color and Greater Boston area non-profits to connect and support each others’ efforts.

The Vision

Various nonprofit/grassroots organizations will distribute information about their organizations and the services they provide to communities of color. They will also bring sign-up sheets for action items and clearly defined volunteer projects (pre-approved by QWOC+ Boston). The representatives will be encouraged to interact with YOU – our eager-to-engage members and supporters – while you “shop around” for possible causes to align yourselves with and/or volunteer projects to sign up for. Ideally, everyone that attends the event will walk away with a reminder card of shifts, days, or tangible projects they have signed up for. Moreover, QWOC+ Boston will be following up with the respective organizations within 90 days to make sure the action items were completed.

For Organizations Interested in Tabling

[Click here to view our invitational letter - Tabling Closed], which includes step-by-step instructions for applying. We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis till space is full.

Final Plug

We encourage ALL of you to attend this event, and contribute in some small way to the overall health of our community at large. We are only strong as we are united.

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    • Ms. Nasim G. Memon

      Hello all – I have a conflict for tomorrow night SO I would really appreciate it someone can please let me know via e-mai the various volunteer opportunities that will be discussed on Thursday night. I want to see how I can help! I will be there in spirt to support the wonderful and fantastic mayor of my city, Cambridge: E. Denise Simmons!!
      Thanks! – Nasim :-)